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Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner; 2-2 NHL Plays

Another edition of Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner is hot off the presses. There is a ton of great action going on in the NHL today, and even better action in the gambling corner. With 8 games going on there is a ton of action to choose from when it comes to making picks. Would have had even more options had two games not been postponed due to COVID. But even with 8 games we still got tons of hockey to watch and gamble on. Plus the 8 games makes for one hell of a Whole Day Parlay. But we’ll get into that later. For now lets take a look at my picks for the day on the individual games.

Canucks at Canadiens

If you haven’t been watching the Canadian division this year than you’ve been missing out. It’s been high flying, fast paced, high scoring affairs every single night. Regardless of which teams are playing. But these two teams seem to put up the most goals. Carrie Price is still a solid goaltender for the Habs, but their defense gives up a lot of high danger chances. Same can be said about the Canucks defense. With how spotty the defenses are for these teams it’s hard to imagine this game having less than 8 goals. So I have to take the over of 6.5 goals at +100.

Over 6.5 goals +100

Wild at Avalanche

This has been an entertaining series between the Wild and Avalanche. The Avalanche won game one, and the Wild won game two in overtime. Although it’s hard to say if the Wild would have won that game had Nathan Mackinnon been able to play in the third period. Now Nate Dogg is week to week with a lower body injury and won’t be able to play for the foreseeable future. Same thing with Erik Johnson, Devon Toews, Pavel Fancouz, Matt Calvert, and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare. With that many injuries on the Avalanche it’s hard not to pick the Wild in this contest.

The money line for the Wild just looks great in this situation. They’re playing an Avalanche team that is marred by injury and the Wild are coming off a win. So I’m taking the Wild money line at +140. I’m also taking the under in this game. No Nate Dogg means less points. Simple as that. So under 5.5 goals at +100 is also on the table for this game. And for a little fun I’m sprinkling in a .25 unit bet on Tyson Jost to be the first goal scorer. The kid has been buzzing recently and is due for a goal.

Wild money line +140

Under 5.5 goals +100

Tyson Jost first goal scorer +2500

Stars at Blue Jackets

Patrik Liane is joining the Blue Jackets for the first time tonight. Adding a superstar to the team that actually wants to be there should be a huge boost for the Blue Jackets. And the Stars have looked good, but they didn’t add any new players recently. Certainly no one as good as Patrik Liane. So had to make this bet as electric as Liane plays. Plus I just like the stock bet. I’m taking the Blue Jacket’s revers puck line at +260. The Jackets have great goaltending and they just added one of the leagues best young goal scorers. This bet just makes sense.

Blue Jackets reverse puck line (-1.5) +260

Whole Day Parlay

My favorite part of Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner. The Whole Day Parlay. And this one is a ton of fun. Because with 8 games you can pick the favorite to win every game and still end up with +5709 odds. Now those are great odds, but they can be better. So let’s get funky with this one.

Over 5.5 goals in Stars at Blue Jackets

Canucks moneyline

Blues moneyline

Hurricanes puckline

Jets moneyline

Avalanche moneyline

Senators moneyline

Ducks moneyline

There you have it. The Whole Day Parlay from Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner. This play moves the odds from +5709 to +27670. Is it going to hit? Probably not. But one of these days it will and whoa mama is it going to be amazing when it does.


Don’t forget that sports gambling is supposed to be for fun. It’s a great way to make a boring ass game more entertaining. But remember to bet within your means, and if you or someone you know has a gambling problem call 1-800-gambler.


I haven’t been on an absolute tear this year. But if you’ve been betting with Dylan Ryan’s gambling corner for the NHL season you’re in the positives. And that’s what matters. Don’t believe me take a look. The hot streak is coming soon. I can feel it.

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