Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner; 2-3 NHL plays

Another edition of of Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner is here. Although this one will be a little different. The gambling corner for today is on the podcast. In fact the Gambling Corner is on every episode of Frosty Talks. So you’ll have to go listen to the latest episode to get the picks for today. You can find the latest episode right here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.




Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner is always at the end so if you want to skip through all the other stuff that’s where to find it. Although you should just listen to the whole thing. The Super Bowl gambling segment is jam packed and filled with some solid prop bets, and it’s right in the middle(ish) of the show. So you might as well just listen to the whole thing to get that part of Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner.

The rest of the episode goes over the Tony DeAngelo drama, Jim Rutherford stepping down as Penguins GM, the Matt Stafford trade, and the fact that the Colorado Rockies are a joke of an organization. Jeff Bridich still having a job with the Rockies is a complete joke. And the Rockies are a joke for continuing to employ him.

Join the movement to get Jeff Bridich fired from the Rockies. Buy the Jeff Bridich Clown T.

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