Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner; NFL Divisional Round

The second round of the NFL playoffs start today and the slate looks phenomenal. Every game is going to be a battle, regardless of what the spread says. Because it’s the NFL playoffs. None of these teams are going to roll over and die this week. They’re all too good. Not like the Bears last weekend in the Nickelodeon game. No this weekend of NFL games are all going to be high scoring, high flying affairs. So it’s time to put your nuts on the table and put some money on these games. Because nothing makes watching football more fun than winning money while watching. Let’s get to it.

Rams at Packers

Okay so maybe not every game will be a high scoring affair. This is the only game of the weekend that looks like it’s going to be a defensive battle. And it’s all because of the Ram’s defense. Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey have helped to make the Ram’s defense dominant. Their ability to take over a game makes me think this matchup is going to be a challenge for the Packer’s offense. So while I’d want to take the under of 46.5 I just can’t. I won’t bet on the under. It feels like rooting against points and fun. I’ll just recommend to not bet on the over in this game.

But since the Rams have such a good defense it makes their spread prop so good. Rams +7 feels like a lock. The Rams defense should be able to keep the game competitive all day. And if Jared Goff can grip a football in the cold with his surgically repaired thumb then the Rams might even be able to win this game. But the real play for this game is Rams+7.

Rams+7 -110

Ravens at Bills

All of these games are awesome, but this is the one I might be looking forward to the most. Lamar Jackson vs Josh Allen. The high flying pass happy Bills vs the race car team Ravens. This will be a high scoring affair no doubt. The Ravens defense may be really good, but across the board it does not match up with the Bills. And the same can be said about the Bills defense to the Ravens. So look for points points points in this game.

The Bills have a better overall team than the Ravens. Plus they can throw the ball much better than the Ravens. And in the cold and potential snow that’s a big factor. So I got to take the Bills money line at -145. I also have to take the over in this game. Over 50 points is totally doable. You’re asking each team to score 25 points. No way Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson score anything less than 60 points.

Bills Moneyline -145

Ravens/Bills Over 50 -110

Browns at Chiefs

Now this game is going to be an absolute blast. Especially if it looks anything like the last time Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield played against each other. That was back in college when Mahomes had 700 yards passing and like 7 touchdowns. Mayfield had 500 plus yards passing and 5 something touchdowns too. The game was nuts. Now this is the NFL and the defenses are quite a bit better than the ones in college. So no way Mahomes and Mayfield combine for 1300 passing yards. But it should still be a shoot out.

So of course I’m taking the over in this game as well. I’m convinced either of these teams could cover the spread of 52.5 by themselves. Both teams are explosive and can score at any time. The over just feels like an absolute lock. And the other lock is the Browns to cover the spread. A nine point spread in the playoffs feels ginormous. And the Chiefs haven’t been blowing anyone out of the water lately either. So asking the Browns to not lose by two scores seems like an easy ask.

Browns +9 -110

Browns/Chiefs Over 52.5 -110

Buccaneers at Saints

The history channel bowl. The game between the two oldest quarterbacks and it’s saved for last. Honestly I don’t know how the two old man quarterbacks are going to be able to stay up late enough to play this game. I’m mostly worried about Brady, who looked pretty bad in prime time games this year. But both of these teams are extremely good and have some explosive offenses. And since these teams have played each other twice already this year expect it to be a close on the third time around.

Since the Saints won this matchup twice already it’s a pretty safe bet to say they’ll win again. When teams play each other twice in the regular season and once in the playoffs the team that swept in the regular season has won the third matchup every time. And while Tom Brady is pretty good at making history, I don’t see him and the Buccaneers making history Sunday night. But these teams are familiar with each other and that almost always means a close game.

So we are going to do some galaxy brain shit and also take the Buccaneers spread. Buccaneers to cover +5.5 and the Saints to win is a risky move. It’s the Queens Gambit in Chess (great show), it’s going for it on fourth and 5 on your end of the field. But if it works it’s going to be awesome and an even better payout. But nothing is parlayed in this so if one hits and the other doesn’t you still get a payout.

And of course this game is going to be a shootout as well. Even though both of these quarterbacks belong on the History channel doesn’t mean their teams can’t score. The Buccaneers offense looks like a fantasy football team and the Saints have one of the best running backs and wide receivers in the game. It was a high scoring affair between these two teams the first two times they played, and expect it to be high scoring the third time around. Buccaneers Saints over 49 points will hit.

Saints money line -175

Buccaneers +5.5 -110

Buccaneers/Saints Over 49 -110



Don’t forget to do your gambling responsibly, within your means, and for fun. Gambling is supposed to be fun, it’s not for you to lose all of our money and to get addicted. And if you or someone you know might have a gambling problem call 1-800-gambler for help. All lines provided by OddsShark.

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