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Earl Thomas sent home from Ravens practice Friday

Earl Thomas was sent home from Ravens practice after a heated argument with teammate Chuck Clark. Thomas missed an assignment on a play and that is what lead to the argument. He explained in an Instagram post what happened, he said it was “a mental error on my part. A busted coverage that I tried to explain calmly [met] with built-up aggression turned into me getting into with a teammate.”

I would imagine Earl Thomas has some pent up aggression, especially after the earlier events in the year. 2020 hasn’t been a great year for a lot of people but at least you didn’t get held at gunpoint by your wife after she caught you in a threesome with your brother. Remember that Earl Thomas story, absolutely wild. You’d probably be pretty upset and need to get some aggression out too if that happened to you. Earl Thomas getting aggressive with a teammate on the field isn’t a great look, better than off the field, but it’s still not good. Football is such a team game, no one person can do it all alone, and on field chemistry is highly important to the success of the team. So fighting amongst teammates is pretty bad.

Doubt it will happen but if the Ravens were to trade away Earl Thomas they would save almost $10 million in cap space. Regardless of how Earl Thomas acts in practice or his bedroom habits he’s still a phenomenal safety. A lot of teams could use a player with his level of talent.

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