Entire Saints RB room out for Week 17

Earlier in the week Alvin Kamara was placed on the reserve/COVID list. Meaning he wouldn’t be available for the last game of the season. Luckily the rest of the Saints running back room was safe. Then that luck ran out real quick.

The entire Saints RB room won’t be available tomorrow bc of close contact to Alvin Kamara. Latavius Murry, Burton, Washington, RB coach all out tomorrow @NFLonFOX. They are moving Ty Montgomery to RB and calling up practice squad RB — Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) January 2, 2021

The little bright spot for New Orleans in this situation is the fact they have Ty Montgomery on their roster. He’s listed as a wide receiver, but he has played running back before. And in the NFL too. Plus the Saints have their Swiss army knife in Taysom Hill. It’s not like he couldn’t play some running back for them for just one game. So it’s not like the Saints are going in to this game without a running back. Just without their designated running backs. It’s almost like when the Broncos went into a game without an entire position room. Almost.

Alvin Kamara is the only Saints’ RB to test positive this week; all the others have been deemed high-risk, close-contacts and are expected back this week, per source. Now the Saints face a RB issue like the one the Broncos had at QB when they played New Orleans. https://t.co/lOI3UGnwMy — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 2, 2021

The only similarity between the Broncos and the Saints situation is that both teams lost an entire position room. But the entire quarterback room being ineligible is so much worse than the entire running back room. The quarterback is so much more important than the running back. To say otherwise is insane. Just look at any starting quarterback contract and compare it to Christian McCaffrey. The highest paid running back in football. You look at the differences in contracts and you know the quarterback is more important than the running back.


So even without the entire running back room the Saints still have a chance to win. The Saints have Ty Montgomery who has played running back in the NFL, and Taysom Hill to play running back. The Saints have players who can play the position. The Broncos had no chance to beat the Saints starting a practice squad wide receiver at the most important position in football. Ironic that the Saints got to play the Broncos without a quarterback and now they have to play the Panthers without a running back. At least the Saints still have a good chance to win. The Broncos had no chance to beat the Saints without a quarterback.

Drew Lock and the Broncos quarterback room was available to play the very next week. So it’s likely the rest of the running back room for the Saints will be able next week available for the playoffs. Although, Kamara tested positive so it is still remained to be seen when he will be back. For the Saints sake, hopefully it’s soon.


But the Saints playing a game without a running back is nothing like when the Broncos played a game without a quarterback. Melvin Gordon understands. Try No QBs 🙁

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