Even Melvin Gordon is trying to drink away the Denver Broncos season

DENVER – Broncos running back Melvin Gordon was cited late Tuesday with driving under the influence by the Denver Police Department, court and police documents show. Gordon was also ticketed for speeding between 25 mph and 39 mph over the limit at 5th Avenue and Speer Boulevard. He is expected to be arraigned in Denver County Court on Friday, Nov 13. The Broncos leave the next day for a game against the Las Vegas Raiders. Mike Klis 9News Denver

Just when Broncos fans thought the season couldn’t get any worse Melvin Gordon decides to go get a DUI with a speeding violation high enough to count as street racing. Just wonderful. Like half the team getting injured wasn’t enough now the team is losing players to drinking problems. The Broncos have been giving fans a drinking problem all season they’ve been so bad, but I’ve never heard of a team being so bad that it makes the players want to drink.

Look I get that this Broncos season has made fans everywhere want to drink until they forget how bad the season has gone, but there’s no excuse for drinking and driving. Gordon has millions in the bank, just order an Uber or a Lyft are even a regular fucking taxi. Gordon was out getting black out drunk on a Tuesday night rather than take his job with the Broncos seriously. The Broncos went and handed Gordon a 2 year $16 million contract over the offseason and this is how he has repaid the team. I doubt management is happy with him, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Broncos fans have seen the last of Gordon in the blue and orange.

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