Ezekiel Elliot threatening to sue Sports Illustrated

On Monday a video of Ezekiel Elliot the famed Cowboys running back went viral. During quarantine Elliot has been streaming on Twitch and playing video games to stay entertained, like a lot of Americans. Well on his stream on Monday Elliot forgot to log off before saying “damn, I’m low-key faded right now.” Which one Sports Illustrated writer immediately understood as “my name is Ezekiel Elliot and I’m stupid high right now.”

Saying you’re low key faded can mean a bunch of things. Doesn’t automatically mean that Elliot was smoking during the stream. Let’s just say he was high though. Who cares? Really? The NFL just passed a new CBA this year that no longer suspends players over positive marijuana tests. So no harm no foul even if he was. Elliot denies being high during the stream. Hence the defamation of character lawsuit he is threatening over the article claiming he was.

The original story from Sports Illustrated was removed after Elliot tweeted about how he was threatening to sue. Sports Illustrated apologized for the headline due to the “incorrect interpretation of the word ‘faded.’ It would not shock me if not a single Sports Illustrated employee knows what the word faded actually means. Ezekiel Elliot said he was referring to the drinks he had during the stream when he said he was faded. Some people like to drink when they game and others like to indulge in the marijuanas, no big deal. Once again no harm no foul. You don’t want to see it, don’t watch.

Elliot was just playing video games the way they were intended to be played; have fun and maybe entertain some others along the way, and he got slammed for no reason. What’s so wrong about sitting around having a few drinks, playing some video games, and streaming it to entertain everyone while no sports are on. If anything sports writers should be thanking players that stream for the masses. Content from the players is good business, especially when the return of major sports like hockey, baseball, basketball and football are at least a month away still.


Personally the best way to play video games is on the couch, high as a kite and with maybe a couple of beers close at hand. All Zeke has got to do to perfect the gaming set up is get the comfiest couch his giant paycheck can buy.


Ezekiel Elliot was NOT smoking weed on his stream. Can’t get suspended for it even if he was though.

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