FedEx Requests that the Washington R Words change their name, Nike pulls merchandise from store

I will be completely honest. I stopped calling Washington their actual team name because of how bad the team and organization is as a whole. Dan Snyder has been an awful owner and has treated his players poorly. Calling the team the R-Words wasn’t a stand against the name itself. Just a joke about how bad the team is. There is no denying it, the name is racist. It’s really shitty and just not cool. To have a skin color be a mascot is pretty fucked up. Then to have white fans paint there skin red and wear headdresses like it’s normal is just bonkers. So yeah. I don’t support the name either.

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard people call for a name change for Washington. Happens every year like clockwork. Its been a conversation within the NFL for over a decade, maybe longer and I was too young to remember or understand. And every year, like clockwork, Dan Snyder ignores it cause he’s stupid rich and an arrogant asshole.

Now a name change for the Washington R-Words might actually be plausible. Only because it will hurt Dan Snyder’s bottom dollar, not because he’s a decent person. In 2013 Snyder said “We will never change the name.” Now Fedex, which the CEO of Fedex is a minority owner of the R-Words and Fedex has the naming rights to the stadium, has requested that the name be changed. Pepsi has also requested a name change. Now the giant bomb that might actually force his hand. Nike pulled all R-Words merchan