FedEx Requests that the Washington R Words change their name, Nike pulls merchandise from store

I will be completely honest. I stopped calling Washington their actual team name because of how bad the team and organization is as a whole. Dan Snyder has been an awful owner and has treated his players poorly. Calling the team the R-Words wasn’t a stand against the name itself. Just a joke about how bad the team is. There is no denying it, the name is racist. It’s really shitty and just not cool. To have a skin color be a mascot is pretty fucked up. Then to have white fans paint there skin red and wear headdresses like it’s normal is just bonkers. So yeah. I don’t support the name either.

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard people call for a name change for Washington. Happens every year like clockwork. Its been a conversation within the NFL for over a decade, maybe longer and I was too young to remember or understand. And every year, like clockwork, Dan Snyder ignores it cause he’s stupid rich and an arrogant asshole.

Now a name change for the Washington R-Words might actually be plausible. Only because it will hurt Dan Snyder’s bottom dollar, not because he’s a decent person. In 2013 Snyder said “We will never change the name.” Now Fedex, which the CEO of Fedex is a minority owner of the R-Words and Fedex has the naming rights to the stadium, has requested that the name be changed. Pepsi has also requested a name change. Now the giant bomb that might actually force his hand. Nike pulled all R-Words merchandise from there store.

You have to think this is going to be the final straw. Dan Snyder is going to lose so much money that he’s going to have to change the name now. No more t shirt sales, no hats, just jerseys. I checked the NFL shop too. Just jerseys, jerseys of every color and player you could think of, but just jerseys. That’s a ton of merchandise money lost. Plus imagine if Nike goes further and refuses to print more jerseys? They might be contractually obligated to, but they could do it. Nike is a pretty big company, you might have heard of them.

Since we’re changing names I’m voting the Washington Apaches. We are scrapping all the Native American stuff though. It’s an Apache Attack Helicopter. No more jet fly overs at games it’s Apache Attack Helicopters. Could you imagine the the merch? Instead of cheese heads you have Apache Attach Helicopters. Oh but what about a face? Got that covered. You paint the stereotypical shark face on the front. Duh. You wouldn’t even have to change the colors. Just imagine it……

Yeah no shark face but that is badass. A much better mascot. Burst of flame from the top of the stadium to recreate this every home game. Electric. Stadium would never be empty.

You make this your mascot and it’s much better than what it is now. I’ll wait for your call Mr. Snyder

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