Feeding Phillip Lindsay works! Broncos vs Dolphins quick recap

The Denver Broncos looked like a complete train wreck last week against the Raiders. Drew Lock and the offense looked abysmal. Phillip Lindsay only touched the ball 4 times. The special teams was a dumpster fire. The only saving grace was that the defense still looked good. Good, not great. That was last week against the Raiders. This week against the Miami Dolphins it was a whole new story.

The Broncos actually looked good this week. Good, not great. I’ll give credit where credit is due. Pat Schurmur actually coached a solid offensive game plan. After last week I didn’t think Schurmur could coach and execute a game plan if the opposing defensive coordinator gave Schurmur their defensive scheme for the week. Well I was wrong. Todd Bowles, defensive coordinator for the Dolphins, didn’t give Schurmur his game plan and Schurmur was still able to devise and execute a winning game plan.

What a pleasant surprise for Broncos fans to find out that Schurmur actually can make a good game plan. Schurmur must have realized that the easiest way to take pressure off your young quarterback is to run the ball. Because Schurmur and the the Broncos ran the ball down the Dolphins throats all game. To the tune of 189 yards rushing. 81 yards from Phil and 84 from Gordon. Watching Garret Bolles pull to become a lead blocker and spring the running back was a thing of beauty. Then you find out that Schurmur specifically designed that play to attack the Dolphins defensive front? *Chef’s kiss*