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Friday’s Cardinals vs Brewers game has been postponed

The MLB has quite a problem on their hands. The Miami Marlins seem to have dropped a chemical bomb on the league after 19 players test positive for COVID. The Marlins haven’t played for almost a week now but the fallout of them choosing to play while multiple players had tested positive continues to wreak havoc on the league. Marlins games were completely postponed as well as Phillies games, the team the Marlins played while testing positive for COVID. Now even more games have been suspended.

The St. Louis Cardinals have had multiple members test positive for the coronavirus, resulting in Major League Baseball postponing Friday afternoon’s game at the Milwaukee Brewers, a source told ESPN’s Jeff Passan. ESPN

Now since the Marlins haven’t played the Cardinals or the Brewers you can’t directly blame the Marlins for getting Cardinals players sick. They likely got sick because the teams are traveling across the country from stadium to stadium, hotel to hotel, restaurant to restaurant, all over the country during a global pandemic. Traveling a shit load while an airborne virus is out and about seems like an easy way to get sick. Still it is kind of the Marlins fault the game is postponed.

A source told ESPN’s Jesse Rogers that if what is happening with the Cardinals had occurred before the Marlins outbreak, Friday’s game at Miller Park would still be scheduled. ESPN

A few Marlins players tested positive for COVID before a game last Sunday. The players hopped on a group chat and voted to play the game anyways, treating a COVID diagnoses as a pulled hamstring. “Eh it doesn’t hurt too bad I’ll be fine.” They didn’t bother to include the Phillies players and ask them if it was cool if they played baseball together and potentially infected a healthy baseball team. Nope. Just a big ol’ fuck it, let’s play baseball. After the Marlins stupid selfishness the MLB has taken notice. They’re now postponing games left and right if a player has tested positive.

That brings the number of teams being held out of action on Friday to six. The Brewers and Cardinals will join the Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals and Toronto Blue Jays as teams affected by the fallout from positive tests. ESPN

Opening Day was exactly one week ago. Eight days if you want to get technical and count the two games on Thursday, and the MLB already has 6 of the 30 teams on hiatus. Twenty percent of the league can’t currently play. It really looks like MLB Survivor out there. If the season can be finished it’s likely very few teams have played every single one of the 60 games. The timeframe the league has to work with does not favor massive amounts of make up games. You really hope the MLB and players can get their shit together so the season can be finished, but it is looking dicey.

The Cardinals positive cases raises more concerns for the MLB as this is the first time cases have been reported from anywhere other than the East Coast.


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