George Paton hired as Broncos GM & Elway’s scapegoat

The #Broncos have agreed to terms on a six-year deal with George Paton as their new GM, per source. — Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) January 13, 2021

Earlier this month John Elway stepped down from the GM position so that he could step up in to a higher role with the Denver Broncos. So Elway gave himself a promotion out of the GM position and started looking for his replacement. It kind of looked like Elway was just trying to hire a scapegoat. A new guy for Broncos fans to blame instead of Elway if the roster building and the coaching hires don’t pan out.


Well I’m not falling for it Mr. Elway. You can’t just give yourself a promotion, hire a new guy, and absolve yourself of all the blame. That’s just not how the game works. Just because Elway is the Head of Football Operations and no longer has direct control over the roster doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some influence over the roster. Because Elway hired the guy who has the direct control over the roster.

So if the new guy, George Paton, comes in and does a phenomenal job he’ll get all the praise in the world. But if he comes in and absolutely sucks then I’m blaming Elway for it. Becaus