Henrik Lundqvist to sign with the Washington Capitals

Goalie market will be fascinating to watch today. One of the first signings to become official is expected to be Henrik Lundqvist to WSH on a one-year contract. The King has been UFA since being bought out by the NYR but can’t formalize the contract until today. — Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) October 9, 2020
If, as expected, the one-year deal is $1.5M, it would be fitting. That would make Lundqvist “whole” on $4.5M salary he was scheduled to get for 20-21. $3M of it would be in his buyout from the Rangers (paid out over two years) but $1.5M would top him back up to $4.5M total. — Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) October 9, 2020

The “too long didn’t read” of this is, Henrik Lundqvist is going to be a Washington Capital. The Caps add the King and a certified Man Rocket ? to the roster. The signing will help the team replace Stanley Cup champion Braden Holtby in net. It’s a good, albeit weird signing by the Capitals. For years the King of New York has terrorized the Capitals and their fans, now he’s going to be stopping pucks for the Caps. 2020 has been an absolutely wild year but seeing Lundqvist go to a division rival after the Rangers bought out his contract is honestly bananalands.

It’s a great signing by the Capitals, one I’m a little jealous of as an Avs fan. I made no secret of my desire for the Avalanche to bring the King to the Mile High City. Henrik Lundqvist has had an absolutely stellar career, one that should put him in the Hockey Hall of Fame and he deserves to win the Stanley Cup at least once. The guy has a .918 SV% in the regular season over a 15 year career. If that isn’t consistency than I don’t know what is. Sure he has gotten up there in years, but he can still help a team win in the regular season and the playoffs. His save percentage actually goes up in the playoffs. It’s almost like Lundqvist is a really good goaltender. I would have much preferred if the Avalanche were the team to help Lundqvist win a cup, because he deserves one and I want my team to hoist that trophy, but the Capitals also have a solid team that are always Cup contenders with Ovechkin playing.

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