Henrik Lundqvist to undergo open heart surgery.

Henrik Lundqvist already announced he won’t be able to play in the 2020-21 NHL season. Now the heart condition that will cause The King to miss an entire season will require surgery. And a lot of it.

pic.twitter.com/v2yWlfUiXH — Henrik Lundqvist (@hlundqvist35) December 28, 2020

Since I know nothing about medicine I’m not going to even guess what all of those big valve words are. Or what they do for the heart. Because I can barely even pronounce aortic, let alone tell someone what it does. My educated guess is that they pump blood. But I can tell you this is a pretty intense operation that Henrik Lundqvist is undergoing. Any time someone has to undergo open heart surgery it’s pretty serious. Yet Henrik has dealt with this like a true champion.

Absolutely zero complaints from Henrik Lundqvist. There has been no “woe is me” from him. Just optimism that he will play again, and sincere gratitude to every one who has wished him well. And there have been so many people that have wished Henrik Lundqvist well. It’s clear just how popular The King is, both inside and outside of New York.

Henrik Lundqvist literally gave his heart to the city and people of New York. He put so much of himself in to The New York Rangers and the city that he needs a new heart. From time to time we forget just how dedicated professional athletes are to what they do. But not with Henrik. Henrik has a level of dedication I’ve never heard of. It only confirms the idea that Henrik Lundqvist deserves to win a Stanley Cup. The dedication that he has to his sport is inspiring. If everyone had the same level of dedication and passion to what they do as Henrik Lundqvist has to goaltending the world would be a better place.

Wishing all the best to Henrik Lundqvist. Hopefully next year he can strap on the goalie pads for one last ride. And if he doesn’t come back it will be a disappointing end to one of the best goalie careers in hockey.

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