Is it time to throw in the towel on Drew Lock?

It might be time to take the rose colored glasses off and look at Drew Lock in the sunlight. Or in this case the snow. Let’s be honest with ourselves Broncos fans. That was an abysmal game from Drew Lock against the Chiefs. Drew lock just does not play well in the snow. Not something you want to see from the starting quarterback of a team that plays in an outdoor stadium in Colorado, just saying. Lock just looked lost against the Chiefs. It sucked to watch, and it sucked emotionally. Because I want him to be the guy for the Broncos so bad. He just wasn’t against the Chiefs.

At least in the Patriots game you could point out a few drops from receivers that absolutely tanked Lock’s performance. If you watched Drew Lock play against the Patriots you could say with confidence that Lock played better than his stats showed. Cause his stats were BAD. Only completing 10 of 24 passes with 2 interceptions is not good. It is a bad stat line. Although, he did notch a tally in the only stat column that really matters. The win column.

It’s really easy to dismiss a bad stat line from the starting quarterback if the team wins the game. Add in all the drops from receivers and it’s really easy to say Lock played well enough. Without all of those drops Drew Lock would have had 2 touchdowns and likely wouldn’t have been throwing late in the game trying to ice it against the Patriots. Without the drops he would have had an awesome stat line instead of the bad one he did. Not how the cards played out though. The Broncos receivers dropped the ball multiple times and Drew Lock played well enough to win. Thing is, well enough isn’t going to work against great teams.

Drew Lock just did not look good against the Chiefs. He didn’t look good against the Titans either. In fact I’d say he looked lost against the Chiefs. Lock left the pocket early consistently. Rather than step forward in to a clean pocket to throw Lock chose to run away. Half the time into pressure. Lock only got sacked three times. Which isn’t that bad. Except he didn’t look great when he did step up in the pocket.

When Lock did stand in the pocket to throw he did not look like a second year quarterback. He looked like a rookie. The pick six that Lock threw was a rookie mistake. Which he still kind of is, he’s only started 8 games. Half a season. Nine games if you want to get technical, but he only threw 5 passes before getting injured against the Steelers. Well, Lock looked like a rookie against the Chiefs. Under throwing a five yard out route is a disaster waiting to happen. Way too easy for a corner to undercut that throw and take it to the house for six points. Which, you know, happened.