Islanders eliminate Capitals from Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Islanders dominated the series. If it wasn’t for Alex Ovechkin’s two goal performance for the Capitals in game 4 it would have been a four game series sweep and Islanders fans would have been getting out the brooms. It’s almost like Barry Trotz, the Islanders head coach, knows exactly how the Capitals play and how to game plan against them. Might have something do with the fact that Trotz was the head coach of the Capitals in 2018 when they won the Cup.

Islanders played faster and harder the entire series. They looked better than the Capitals in the one game they lost too. It’s pretty hard to defend Ovechkin for four games, he was bound to go off at some point and give the Capitals and chance to win. It’s exactly what he was able to do in game four, but one man can’t carry a team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Islanders looked like the better team all series and the better team won the series handily.

In an elimination game the Capitals looked slow, they didn’t play physical, and they couldn’t control the neutral zone to save their lives. Shit they could barely get through the neutral zone. They didn’t have a shot on goal for almost 12 minutes in the 3rd period while down two goals to nothing. It just wasn’t a good game for the Capitals at all.

The Islanders played phenomenal hockey. They sustained the forecheck and had just as good of a back check. They were outshot by the Capitals but it did not matter. Islanders got two goals past Braden Holtby and the Islanders were able to put in two more on an empty net. Capitals didn’t play like it was an elimination game and it showed.

It’s time to leave the bubble Washington Capitals.

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