Jake Muzzin to miss rest of series for the Maple Leafs

Game two of the Maple Leafs vs Blue Jackets had a scary situation arise with just a couple minutes to go in the third period. Jake Muzzin was fighting for the puck when he was cross checked and fell down to the ice. On the way down his head and neck collided with a Blue Jackets knee. Muzzin tried to get up but was unable to. After almost 6 minutes down on the ice the medical staff was able to stabilize him and get him off the ice via stretcher.

Dubois crosschecks Muzzin from behind, Muzzin is now hurt. pic.twitter.com/3o5Ce8sEbz — Ah yes, the Leafs. (@LeafsAllDayy) August 4, 2020

Not a great play all around. Hockey is extremely physical, especially during the playoffs, so injuries are bound to happen. I mean the guys are sprinting around on ice with knives strapped to their feet. Injuries and accidents are part of the game. The heavy cross check to the back that sends Muzzin flying into someone’s knee head first doesn’t look great, but very few players go out with the intention to hurt another player so I don’t want to put blame on Dubois. Odds are he feels bad. Hell I bet the guy who’s knee was hit by Muzzin feels bad too. It was scary how long he was on the ice. Was really hoping for a little thumbs up as Muzzin was stretchered off the ice. Unfortunately we didn’t see one.

The good news is Muzzin has been discharged from the hospital and will remain in quarantine. According to Leafs PR.

An update on @MapleLeafs defenceman Jake Muzzin: pic.twitter.com/33WWtAJOD5 — Leafs PR (@LeafsPR) August 5, 2020

If the Leafs can win the series against the Blue Jackets than perhaps Muzzin will be available for the Leafs. The series is tied at 1-1 so Muzzin will be able to rest for at least two more games before he potentially returns to action in the next round.

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