Jay Cutler and the mystery of the murdered chickens

In the wake of his divorce Jay Cutler has stayed relatively quiet. In fact Jay’s social was nonexistent compared to his now ex wife Kristen Cavallari. All that changed after one devastating night on the Cutler ranch. Several of Jay’s chickens had been killed in the night, with the culprit(s) disappearing without a trace. The only clue were the headless bodies of his beloved chickens.

The crime has developed into the biggest mystery on the Internet. “Who or what killed Jay Cutler’s chickens?” Guesses have ranged from Big Foot to hyenas to raccoons. My guess is it’s his ex wife. Jay has been bad mouthed the entire divorce proceedings and everyone still likes Jay more than Kristen and she just couldn’t let him be happy. So she killed his chickens. Innocent until proven guilty, but there isn’t proof of what actually happened so there is a chance she did it. A very slim chance but a chance. Though it is probably raccoons.

Considering Cutler has been laying traps that would fit small animals I would imagine he thinks it’s raccoons and not his ex wife. Along with laying traps to catch the culprit Jay has staked out in a tree house with night vision goggles and a rifle to find out what happened to his chickens. That’s leadership that only being an NFL quarterback can teach. One of your teammates (chickens) goes down and you find the guy (animal predator) that did it any means necessary.

Any means necessary included bringing in some roosters to defend the chicken coupe. The roosters have done an honorable job defending the coupe as no new chicken deaths have been reported by Cutler. Jay missed out on playing with other notable chicken owner Von Miller during his career, but if he needs more advice on how to defend a chicken coupe, Von might be the guy to ask.

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