Jeff Bridich needs to be fired for the Nolan Arenado trade

Updated: May 28

Breaking: The Rockies are trading Nolan Arenado to the Cardinals, first reported by The Athletic, confirmed by ESPN. The Rockies are getting multiple players and sending upward of $50 million to St. Louis in the deal, sources said. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) January 30, 2021

This has to be the worst trade in the history of baseball right? Maybe in all of sports even. I’m not a baseball expert or anything like that but this is clearly highway robbery. This is strolling into the Tower of London and the guards hand you the Crown Jewels on the way out. Oh and they give you $50 million just for the hell of it. To put it differently this is the Avalanche trading away Nathan Mackinnon. The Rockies should be ashamed of what they did with this trade. Rockies fans should be furious, and they are. This Nolan Arenado trade was so bad they had to do it in the middle of the night after one of the craziest days in the history of the stock market.

Jeff Bridich acted like a crook with this trade. He traded away the best thing to ever happen to the Rockies, the only reason to care about the franchise, in exchange for paying the Cardinals $50 million for some prospects. And we all knew as Rockies fans that Nolan Arenado was going to be traded. Because there was no way he was going to stay with the team after the way Jeff Bridich treated him.

But Rockies fans deserved better than this. Despite knowing the trade was inevitable. Nolan Arenado leaving the team could have been stomached had they gotten the King’s ransom they deserved. But no. The Rockies did not get nearly the return they should have for Arenado. And they still payed to get rid of him! The Rockies have been crying poor for years when it comes to paying there players yet they were able to pay to give up their best player? How does that make sense? Jeff Bridich deserves to be fired for this. He has done nothing but ruin this franchise.