Jerry Jones takes shot at Broncos quarterback situation

Broncos fans were victims of the monkeys paw on Sunday against the Saints. For the past few years Broncos fans were wishing for a quarterback no one could stop talking about. Although that wish was fulfilled, it wasn’t in the way any Broncos fans wanted. The Broncos quarterback was the talk of the town because he had never played quarterback in the NFL, or even played in the NFL. The monkey’s paw is a cruel mistress, you’ll get what you want, but you’ll hate it.

Considering everyone is talking about the quarterback situation for the Broncos it’s no surprise that Jerry Jones had to come forward and say something stupid.

Jerry Jones compared the Cowboys seventh round pick QB to a practice squad receiver. He said Broncos weren't anymore challenged with Kendall Hinton at QB Sunday than the Cowboys were with Ben DiNucci. Wow @1053thefan — Clarence Hill Jr (@clarencehilljr) December 1, 2020

What an absolute ricochet shot from Jerry Jones. He couldn’t just say something stupid about the Broncos. No, he had to also insult one of his own quarterbacks in the process. Ben DiNucci, a player who has practiced and played quarterback his whole career is just as talented at the position as a practice squad wide receiver who couldn’t even keep the starting QB job at Wake Forest in Jerry Jones’ eyes. When Jerry Jones looks at a 7th round quarterback and a practice squad wide receiver he just sees the spider man meme.

What Jerry Jone’s sees when he looks at Ben DiNucci and Kendall Hinton

That is an absolute joke of a take from Jerry Jones. Kendall Hinton was barely in the NFL just a week ago at a completely different position. He was working a sales job in October before he made the practice squad for wide receiver. Yet Jerry Jones thinks Kendall Hinton and Ben DiNucci can play quarterback at the same level. DiNucci isn’t good, but he’s a hell of a lot better at quarterback than a practice squad wide receiver who has never taken an NFL snap at any position. The Cowboys chose to start Ben DiNucci. While the Broncos were forced to start Kendall Hinton by Rodger Goodell and the NFL.

Go deal with your own quarterback problems before you try and talk about the Broncos quarterback issues Jerry. Who knows maybe Jones has seen the light and will pay Dak Prescott and never start a backup QB again. Or he could think he can put anyone in at quarterback because they all look the same to him.

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