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John Chayka quits on the Coyotes days before Stanley Cup restart

Now that is a statement. No tip toeing around about how they feel. No John Chayka is moving on to other oportunities and we wish him well. Nope. The Arizona Coyotes told this guy to go fuck himself in the most profesional manner possible. “The Club is dissappointed in his actions and his timing as the Coyotes prepare to enter the NHL’s hub city of Edmonton,” you know in email speak that means go fuck yourself. It’s like how “per my last email” means “did you not read what I said last time dumbass?” Well I can’t blame the Coyotes for being disappointed in Chayka’s actions. It’s a pretty shitty move. I haven’t seen anything like this since Bobby Patrino promised the owner of the Falcons that he was going to finish the season as head coach and promptly resigning that night to take the head coach job at Arkansas. At least Bobby Patrino quit on a 3-10 team that was last in the division. John Chayka quit on the Coyotes just days before the start of the Stanley Cup qualifying round. Plus Chayka had three more years on his contract. All the playoff teams, which includes the Coyotes, are now in the NHL bubble and the Coyotes are dealing with naming a new interim General Manager cause this dick Chayka decided to quit. The timing is just so poor. It’s an already unprecedented and never before seen NHL playoffs, don’t make it more complicated by quitting the week before they start.

Now every story has two sides. John Chayka did issue his own statement about the matter.

“The past four years have been the most enjoyable of my life. In Arizona, I became a husband and a father, while working as hard as possible to make the Coyotes a Stanley Cup contender. I love our players, coaches, staff and fans and I very much wish I could be with the team in Edmonton. Sadly, the situation created by ownership made that an impossibility.  John Chayka

I don’t know what the owners did to piss John Chayka off so much that he would quit in the week leading up to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but it must have been bad. Whatever it is that created such a rift between Chayka and the owners it has created a lot of drama. In a bit of a secondary statement Chayka said that he will not comment at this time, however, he will comment further if necessary. So maybe he’s got some bombs to drop about the Coyotes ownership. Much like Chayka the Coyotes said they will not comment further at this time, but they probably will the second they are done with the playoffs. Both parties are going to end up talking about how much they hate each other and the drama will unfold. They are just consummate professionals and are going to wait until hockey has returned and a team has hoisted the Stanley Cup, or until the Yotes are eliminated from the playoffs before they do. The Coyotes and Chayka know that we want to pay attention to one thing and one thing only in the NHL right now, and that is hockey. Games are back this week. I’m very interested in how this will unfold for the Coyotes and Chayka, but not as interested as I am in watching 10 hours of hockey on Saturday. Eventually all the grievances will be aired by both parties and we will be here to watch it unfold. Hopefully it isn’t anything illegal or anything super bad, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s just a plain and simple case of the two parties just not getting along what so ever.

Good luck to Steve Sullivan moving forward. Hopefully the guy hasn’t inherited to big of a shit storm. He could become a quick fan favorite in the desert if he can help the Coyotes lock up Taylor Hall long term.

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