John Elway stepping down as Broncos GM

After ten years as the Broncos GM John Elway will be stepping down. The long time Bronco, both as a player and as front office personnel, won’t be leaving the team, however. Instead Elway will be taking an elevated position within the organization and will be the full time President of Football Operations. Elway essentially gave himself a promotion.

Breaking: John Elway will no longer be the GM of the Broncos as he takes an elevated role with the team, a source tells @AdamSchefter. Elway will stay on as President of Football Operations. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) January 4, 2021

Only Elway could step down from one position and in to a higher role. Stepping down as GM and promoting yourself to President of Football Operations is such a baller move. A Hall of Fame worthy move by a GM. Elway has given himself a promotion that pays better with a reduced workload, and he’s going to hire a new GM that fans can blame when shit hits the fan. It really is a genius plan. If only Elway was this smart when evaluating quarterbacks. Then maybe the Broncos would have a franchise quarterback by now. And they wouldn’t be asking if it’s time to throw in the towel on Drew Lock.

But in reality this is a good move for the Denver Broncos. Elway will no longer have final say on the draft, free agency or roster personnel. At least according to Elway he won’t. The GM will now have the final say on all the roster decisions and personnel.

Per source: After 10 years as Broncos GM, John Elway is taking an elevated role with the team and will hire a GM, giving him final say on personnel. Elway will stay on as Pres of FB Ops while GM works closely w/ HC Vic Fangio. Elway helped Denver to nearly 100 wins and SB win. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 4, 2021

Giving the GM final say on roster decisions is a great idea. Cause Elway hasn’t exactly been doing a good job at drafting players. He’s gotten a lot better in the last two years. The 2019 and 2020 drafts were phenomenal for Elway. And they should lead to the Broncos being good in the next few years. But overall Elway hasn’t been great in the draft.

Although he has been good at bringing in free agents. Elway will always be a general manager legend in Denver for bringing Peyton Manning to the Broncos. But ever since Peyton retired the Broncos and John Elway have been swinging and missing on drafting a quarterback. So much so that the Broncos have started more quarterbacks in the last five years than the Browns. So it’s time for Denver to change who gets to draft the players. Especially the quarterbacks. Elway will still get to be a part of the Broncos, but he won’t have any say in how the roster is built. And with how the last few years have gone for the Broncos that’s a good thing.

Although this might not be a good thing for Drew Lock. Because the new GM will have zero allegiance to him. And whoever John Elway hires to replace him at GM might want to move on from Drew Lock. We saw it happen when the Cardinals hired a new coach and moved on from Josh Rosen after one year. And the Denver Broncos could move on from Drew Lock because of a new GM.

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