Josh Gordon has finally been reinstated by the NFL

Scoopage: NFL reinstating Josh Gordon from suspension, eligible to return for last 2 games @@NFLONFOX — Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) December 3, 2020

Finally the NFL has decided to reinstate Josh Gordon. Gordon had been suspended so many times by the NFL for using marijuana it seemed like the only way he would play again was if the NFL allowed smoking weed in its new contract. And it looks like that’s exactly what happened. At least you could guess that’s how it happened. There might have been another reason that I don’t know about. But now the NFL has allowed marijuana use in its new Collective Bargaining Agreement. And now Josh Gordon can play again. You go ahead and connect the dots there.

Of course it’s going to be fun to watch Gordon on the Seahawks. Can you imagine that high arc bomb that Wilson throws with Gordon running under to catch it? It will be poetry in motion. It’s going to be so much fun. It won’t be fun for the defensive backs that have to go from guarding DK Metcalf to Josh Gordon. But it will be must watch football for football fans. And Josh Gordon when he is good is must watch football.

Must watch football, that’s what Josh Gordon is. In back to back games Josh Gordon had 498 yards receiving. Almost 250 yards in back to back games is nuts. It’s an NFL record that’s how crazy it is. And Josh Gordon is the only receiver to have back to back games with 200+ receiving yards. If you forgot how good Gordon was just look at how long this highlight video is.

If you watched that you watched 11 and a half minutes of touchdowns and mentions of Gordon’s suspensions. Josh Gordon was crazy good when he was actually allowed to play. What’s crazier is that the NFL let Antonio Brown back into the NFL before him.

The league decided to allow Antonio Brown, an absolute nut job who assaulted a moving truck company employee before they let a guy who smoked some pot back in the league. And now smoking pot is a-okay with the NFL. Yet Antonio Brown was allowed back in to the NFL first. Kind of weird. Between Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown it doesn’t matter who was let into the league first. It’s just a good thing that they are both back in the league. The NFL is more fun with awesome receivers to watch.



I think Antonio Brown might have gotten his shit together but the Buccaneers are 1-3 since he joined the team so he’s definitely not helping.

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