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Josh Rosen is back on the the trading block

With Miami’s rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa healthy, the Dolphins have fielded trade inquiries in recent days for former first-round pick Josh Rosen, per league sources. In an upcoming weekend of moves, Rosen could be on the move again. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 3, 2020

At this point I really feel bad for Josh Rosen. The dude had a great college career and was the tenth overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft and has gotten zero love since. Sure he’s been just okay at his best in the NFL but it’s not like he’s gotten any help. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first round quarterback get drafted, have his replacement drafted the very next year, then get traded to a new team only for his replacement to be drafted the next year, AGAIN.

Josh Rosen in the NFL: '18: Drafted 10th. Spent season with first year defensive minded HC & worst team in NFL. '19: Kyler arrives, Rosen traded to MIA. First year defensive minded HC & roster many considered "laughable." '20: Dolphins take Tua. Rosen back in trade rumors. — NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) September 3, 2020

With the Dolphins putting Rosen back on the trading block it’s a real mystery as to where he is traded to, or if he even gets traded. A third year quarterback with minimal experience and success isn’t exactly an enticing trade, but he could be a potential backup for a team with an older quarterback. A couple of teams come to mind that could be a potential option.

The Buccaneers could trade for Rosen. They released Jameis Winston and signed Tom Brady over the offseason. Now the youngest QB on that roster is 30 and it’s Blaine Gabbert. Brady isn’t exactly known for training young QB’s but at the age of 43 he’s got to realize his time in the league is coming to an end and that Rosen wouldn’t be a threat to his starting job. If the Buccaneers trade for Rosen they potentially have a young successor that can learn from Tom Brady, plus Rosen doesn’t have to move too far. A win win.

Sticking in the NFC South the Falcons could also go for a younger backup. Matt Schaub is backing up Matt Ryan right now. Matt Ryan is only 35 so he’s got a bit more time in the league than Brady, but he’s not getting younger either. Rosen could come in and challenge the 39 year old Schaub for the back up role and learn from Matt Ryan.

I’d be more surprised to see Rosen traded than not. The tenth overall pick in 2018 has been traded twice in two years. He’s had zero time to develop in any system and zero time to learn the game. His tape isn’t great, which isn’t entirely his fault, he’s played for two garbage teams in two years, what more do you expect. Rookie quarterbacks don’t typically turn around an awful team in just one year, let alone two different shit teams in one year. Hopefully the guy does get traded to a team where he at least has a semblance of a chance to play. At the least trade him to a team that’ll give him some stability for a couple of years so he can learn to play at the professional level.

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