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Love is dead. Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari file for divorce.

After seven years of marriage Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari have separated and are filing for divorce. The details of why this is happening are muddled. Whatever it is I will be on Jay Cutler’s side for the entirety of the proceedings. Jay was my favorite quarterback for the Denver Broncos before the snake that is Josh McDaniels traded him to the Bears and I stand by my quarterbacks. If you’re on Kristin Cavallari’s side that’s cool, but you’re wrong. She’s not even the most entertaining person on her own show. That was Jay and you know it.

I attempted to watch the Cavallari show or whatever it’s called multiple times. Every time I lose all interest in the show within 15 minutes, then Jay Cutler would show up and actually entertain me for the duration he was on the screen. The man retires and says all he wants to do is sit, drink a few beers and watch some deer cams. While normally not my ideal day I’d have to say with no sports on tv sitting down and deleting a 30 rack of beers with Jay Cutler while watching some deer cams sounds awesome.

Obviously the couple filling for a divorce means Jay Cutler will no longer be a reality tv star. Instead he will forever be remembered as smoking Jay. To honor the end of his career as a tv star (and the end to the Very Cavallari show being any good at all) here are all the best moments of Very Cavallari. It’s only Jay Cutler.

You know maybe we should have seen this one coming. Jay Cutler clearly hates being on camera and his wife, soon to be ex-wife, loved it and seemed to force him to be a part of something he clearly didn’t want to be a part of. Forcing your significant other to do something they hate is a fast track to them hating being around you. Trust me. I’ve been in like two (2) long term relationships.

Team Jay all the way

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