Marlins home opener canceled after multiple positive COVID tests.

Well that was fun. Baseball got one week in the spotlight where we all sat down and enjoyed live sports on our television. Actually just one weekend. Opening day was Thursday the 23rd and games have been canceled 4 days later. We got a long weekend with baseball before the stupid plan of traveling from stadium to stadium was actually executed. It was executed so well that the MLB has almost an entire team with COVID. The Miami Marlins were scheduled to play Monday for their home opener, but considering 14 players and staff tested positive that’s off. Since the Marlins were playing close to the Philadelphia Phillies they’re game against the Yankees has been cancelled too. Not a single team has even played four games yet and there is cancellations.

We should have seen this disaster coming a mile away after the first game of the year Nationals vs Yankees first pitch was thrown by Dr. Fauci.

Anthony Fauci, First Pitch Mechanics. — Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) July 23, 2020

Gotta respect the man’s consistency. Fauci doesn’t want anyone catching anything.

Six feet of social distancing from home plate.

It would be far more concerning if he could throw a two seam fast ball right down the pipe. I couldn’t trust his science any more. If Fauci is going to talk all this nerd numbers and science I need him to throw a baseball just like a nerd. Horribly. That way I know his science must be right.

Okay away from the Fauci jokes and back to the point. We see that first pitch of the season after all the turmoil the owners put fans through just to have any season at all and we think the season is going to happen with out a hitch? Ya right. That pitch was a black cat breaking a mirror while walking under a ladder for baseball. Then the Nationals vs Yankees game gets cancelled after 5 and 1/2 innings due to rain. God himself was crying cause he knew baseball was only going to last 4 days. Sure only two games have been cancelled and there are plenty of other games to still be played but this raises so many questions that can’t be reasonably answered.

Now that the game is cancelled who wins?

Will the game be made up at a later date? Probably not considering they’re trying to do 60 games in like 65 days.

Can the Marlins field a team with players that have tested negative and play they’re next game as scheduled or is the team quarantined until the team as a whole tests negative.

Do the Marlins just stop playing games until they have enough healthy players to fill the roster?

There are a lot of questions this brings up. The biggest question of all. What next? Is this going to end up being a domino effect in the MLB where more players and teams with test positive and large scale cancellations are coming. Or will this be an isolated incident limited to just the Miami Marlins? It would be the Miami team that gets sick first. That city seems like a Petri dish for viruses and disease. Fun city though. Much like Las Vegas. In reality the travel is the most likely culprit when it comes to the transmission of COVID in the MLB.

Traveling from stadium to stadium seemed like an inevitable disaster. The NHL and NBA are playing in bubbles to avoid travel all together. The idea is you make sure no one tests positive before entering the bubble and once everyone is inside no one has the virus so no one can spread it. In theory it makes perfect sense and should work. As long as no one breaks out of the bubble the virus isn’t inside so it can’t be spread. Well baseball said fuck that idea and went ahead with cross country travel. Players are on private team planes for travel but there is always a lot of interaction when traveling. Doesn’t matter if you fly Spirit, Delta, or private. You have to interact with some people. They could get you sick and that very well could have been the case with the Miami Marlins. I know the MLBPA voted against the idea of a bubble play so doing so wasn’t an option. Buuuut considering the NBA has zero cases in the bubble you might think the MLB is kicking themselves for not playing in a bubble. Four days in and shit is already getting cancelled is not a good sign. I hope I’m overreacting but baseball may have seem it’s last weekend.


The MLB will be taking the Lord Farquad route with this COVID breakout.


Baseball was only getting one weekend of spotlight regardless. The NHL is back on Saturday. Exhibition games on Tuesday and the NBA even starts in a couple days. MLB has been a shit show and a lot of people will stop watching once other sports come back to play.


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