Mookie Betts to sign mega deal with Dodgers

The jokes from Red Sox fans saying “enjoy your 60 games with Mookie” are over. Cue the tears of Red Sox’s fans that thought Mookie was going to play one season with the Dodgers and come home to Boston.

The Dodgers are working on a massive contract extension for Mookie Betts. Sources from ESPN suggest the deal will be north of $380 million dollars. Thanks to Patrick Mahomes one of the best players in baseball can’t even get NFL money. Remember when people were laughing at Mahomes for turning down baseball cause he’d never get paid as much. Ahh good times. Mookie is still gonna get PAID. My source, who admittedly is an idiot but always seems to be right about Dodgers news, says that the Mookie deal will be 13 years for $380 million dollars. Almost $30 million dollars a year to play baseball in sunny Las Angeles. Not a bad deal at all. Sorry Red Sox fans, the team should have paid him when they had the chance.

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