Multiple Colorado Rockies test positive for Coronavirus. Monfort needs to sell the team or fire Brid

Four time All Star outfielder and 2017 NL batting champion Charlie Blackmon, aka Chuck Nazty aka The Bearded Beauty has tested positive for Coronavirus. Left handed pitcher Phillip Diehl and right handed pitcher Ryan Castellani have also tested positive on the Rockies roster. The positive tests came after taking part in recent workouts at Coors Field. The Denver Post listed unnamed sources when confirming the players who tested positive. The list of players to test positive in the MLB continues to grow as at least 15 players have tested positive for COVID-19.

This announcement comes on the heels of the MLB and MLBPA coming to an agreement on a return to play policy. After months of disagreeing on how many games should be played and how much the BILLIONAIRE owners can afford to pay their players, an agreement was finally reached and training camps will open July 1st. You still can’t say baseball is back. You just can’t. With how the negotiations transpired and the amount of players testing positive for Coronavirus it’s silly to say baseball, or any sport for that matter, is ‘back’ until players step on the diamond or whatever playing surface.

Don’t mean to get all Negative Nancy on you but there was an announcement about the return of baseball and how close the negotiations were to being completed every other day for a month. It was exhausting to keep track of and eventually die hard baseball fans gave up hope of a season happening. So as a fan of baseball, just not a diehard fan, I still don’t see this season happening, I mean it most likely will with the agreement finally happening, but until the players step up to home plate for the first pitch of the year than baseball isn’t ‘back.’

Don’t get me wrong I want to see baseball played in the year 2020. I want to see the NHL return and all of sports play in 2020. Yet my dream scenario for the MLB went out the window with the announcement of 60 games. The dream has nothing to do with the season to be honest with you. It has everything to do with the success of my hometown team the Rockies. Dick Monfort has been a terrible owner. Sure he’s built an awesome stadium for baseball in Denver, arguably a top 10 baseball stadium in the nation, but the team on the field is rarely good.

Once in the history of the Rockies have they put up back to back winning seasons. Once, just once, a