Nathan Mackinnon exits Avalanche at Kings game with lower body injury

The hockey gods must have a vendetta against the Colorado Avalanche. The Avs leading scorer exited the Avalanche at Kings game with 8 minutes left in the second period. With Nathan Mackinnon injured and potentially missing time the entire top line for the Avalanche has missed time at least once.

Gabriel Landeskog is currently the only healthy player for the top line, or as healthy as any player can be with 13 games left in the regular season. The only good news is that the MVP hopeful Nathan Mackinnon wasn’t immediately ruled out of the game. He never returned to the ice but it was a possibility.

Even with the ever mounting injuries for the Avalanche they are still in a great place when it comes to playoff contention. With 13 games remaining they are firmly in second place in the central division. The St. Louis Blues lead by two points and the Avalanche hold an eight point lead over the third place Dallas Stars. Many of the injured players are expected to be back around mid March.

No word has been released on the injury to Nathan Mackinnon. Jared Bednar had no update for media post game. The only update he had was that he is always concerned when Nathan Mackinnon isn’t on the bench or ice. That’s paraphrasing but no timetable on Mackinnon’s return. Likely updates on the injury will come post evaluation.

Hopefully the Mackinnon injury isn’t serious. Avalanche fans and fans of hockey in general should be keeping their fingers crossed it isn’t serious. The game of hockey is more fun to watch when it is filled with superstar athletes that can do things on the ice that most people couldn’t do in a video game.

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