NBA players are already breaking out of the bubble

Honestly not surprised that players are already breaking the rules of the bubble. These are multimillionaires that are being asked to stay in a Disney hotel for a couple of months. Disney hotels are nice but they’re nothing compared to what these guys are used to on a normal road trip. These guys also have Entourage level groupies that go to games and just hang around, those girls weren’t invited to the bubble.

I already got invited to the bubble. Yea the season definitely ending early. ??? — Hiiiiiii (@Ugly_Anna) July 12, 2020

Okay so someone, maybe a groupie, has already been invited to the bubble. Lots of speculation on whether or not some of these guys can keep it in there pants long enough to play for a championship. You really expect these superstars to go a couple of months without getting laid? Get out of here with that. These guys are going to break quarantine for some strange left and right. Or so I thought. Looks like something else will get players to break the bubble first.

The food. If living in the hellscape that is Disney World Florida isn’t enough, the players aren’t even given decent food.

Joel Embiid of the Denver Nuggets Instagram post of the bubble food