New England Nightmare. Patriots sign Cam Newton

If you are a Patriots fan this is the exact opposite of a nightmare. A team that had no quarterback picks up a former MVP with experience (a bad one) in a Super Bowl. For the rest of the NFL this is a nightmare. The scenario no one wanted for this offseason. The best available quarterback signs a team friendly deal with the best team in the league. The team the rest of the NFL can rally behind in hate. Damn you Bill Belichick damn you.

Belichick is one hundred percent the Emperor from Star Wars. Pulling all the strings from behind the scenes. Making sure all the other teams fight over Tom Brady so they forget Cam Newton needs to be signed and then he gets Newton months later on the cheap. An evil genius.

Cam Newton signs a one year deal with the Patriots. Just when the Bills had a shot to win the division Belichick pulls a sneaky on them and signs a former NFL MVP to play quarterback.

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