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NHL bans media members from locker rooms amid Coronavirus

The NHL will no longer allow members of the media to enter locker rooms for interviews. The recommendation to close locker room access came directly from the Center for Disease Control.

If the Center for Disease Control gave the recommendation then it must be for a good reason. The NHL has already banned international travel for its employees to try and fight the spread of the virus between employees and players. The NHL has also banned international travel for their employees of it isn’t related to business.

It’s good that the NHL is being precautionary in their handling of the coronavirus as it would be devastating to have to cancel the playoffs or any games in general this late in the season. The NHL has no plans to cancel games or play in an empty stadium. Knock on wood.

The banning of the media will be sad. I’m not sure what I’ll do without Lauren Jbara of the Avalanche looking fine as all hell interviewing players. It’s the highlight of the intermission every single game. I bet every teams has a drop dead gorgeous media member that their fans adore. Now they won’t be in locker rooms. The travesty.

As long as the NHL doesn’t cancel games or the playoffs I’ll be happy. I still have money riding on the Avalanche winning the Cup this year and I’d hate to lose that over a stupid disease.

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