NHL exhibition games start today

Today’s the day! We have hockey. Three games today, July 28th, six games tomorrow and another three on the 30th. Today is the day Hockey is back!

The last four months without the NHL has been the longest twenty years of my life. Time just dragged on and on and on. But we got em. We got games. Exhibition games sure but when one of the exhibition games being played today is the Battle of Alberta you can’t be disappointed. You can’t expect those two teams to play tummy sticks with each other just because it’s an exhibition game. We’re not gonna see the goalies drop the mits like we did during the regular season, but we’re gonna see some chippy action. The schedule for the next couple of days isn’t as seductive as the schedule for when the real games start, but damn is it still a hot schedule.

The Wednesday slate of exhibition games rivals the schedule of real games over the weekend. Hockey starts at noon and doesn’t stop until past midnight. The NHL playoffs are starting to look like a March madness tournament. Games all day every day for the first round, even exhibition. Folks at work are going to be watching their favorite team while blowing off all their responsibilities. Just as it should be. Nature is healing. Hockey is back. The players are in the bubble with ZERO new cases. In theory you put people in a bubble with zero cases and the bubble keeps the cases at zero. So the NHL is looking safe, for sure safer than the MLB.

Besides the Battle of Alberta the other game that looks really fun for the exhibition round is the New York teams battling it out. Islander vs Rangers is always a fun bout. Honestly every single one of these games will be fun. We haven’t been able to watch hockey in over 4 months, I’ll take pretty much anything I can get at this point. I’d be fine watching these guys play beer league style for the exhibition round.

It’s been a long time without hockey, but we’ve done it. We’ve made it to exhibition games and once the first puck drops in those games the days will fly by until real hockey is back August 1st. Best of luck to all the teams unless you’re playing my favorite team, then it’s go fuck yourselves.

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