NHL plans to play six games a day for first two rounds of playoffs

Let’s goooo! First we got actual concrete dates on when training camp would begin as well as the first day of the playoffs. July 13th and August 1st respectively. Then the NHL dropped the best knowledge bomb of all on us. Toronto and Edmonton will both host three games per day starting at 12pm in Toronto.

INJECT 6 GAMES A DAY INTO MY VEINS THIS INSTANT https://t.co/6N42Rw9nON — DR (@DylanRyanFT) July 7, 2020

Now as I looked into this I found out something important. I know nothing about Canadian geography. I knew Toronto had to be East Coast time, so I just went ahead and assumed Edmonton was West Coast time. Nope. Edmonton are Central Time Zone guys. That means if you’re sitting in the same time zone as I am in Colorado (Mountain Time) you’ll be watching games from 10am to almost 10pm. After what feels like a lifetime without live sports this amount of it in a single day, with all the gambling, it might kill me, and I’m okay with that.

That assumes none of the earlier games go into overtime. In reality the last game in Edmonton could last until 1am. Even in Edmonton. Imagine the East Coast fans watching the puck drop at 10pm knowing they’re gonna be watching hockey until the literal next day. Absolutely electric. The game going into the next day is my favorite drinking square in Late Night Pac 12 Bingo. Now we might get to do the same with Late Night Hockey Playoff Bingo. It’s dreams come true all over the ice.

I’ll be making a full Bingo card for playoff hockey drinking. We won’t need an excuse to celebrate the return of hockey, but a drinking game to go along with it never hurt either.

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