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NHL reports 2 positive COVID-19 tests out of 800

Training camp has been going on for just over a week now for the NHL. During that week timeframe the players have been tested daily. We now know the results of the testing to a degree. We’re never going to know who tested positive, unless that shit head Steve Simmons leaks the information against HIPPA laws again. What a douche move. So since we’re not going to know who tested positive we can at least know how many have. It’s just two.

Two players out of 800. Let me crunch the numbers here. That 0.0025% of players. That number is lower than the value of Dogecoin. Sure those psychotic Tik tok pre teens artificially boosted the price to show their “power” and they still couldn’t even boost the price above half a penny, but it’s still a low low number. What I’m trying to say here is this is awesome news. Two people testing positive isn’t a large scale issue. In fact it’s really only an issue for the player and the team they are on. But this shouldn’t effect the Return To Play at all. The NBA didn’t have a single player test positive in their bubble and players were hitting up girls to come within a week of getting there.

NBA players are already breaking out of the bubble

If the NBA can stay in their bubble and report zero positive cases than there is no reason the NHL can’t either. If the two players out of 800 in the NHL can recover and travel to the bubble it seems like all 800 guys could get to the bubble and stay healthy while there. It sucks for the two players that got sick and I hope for their speedy recovery, but overall this is good news. 798/800 healthy players is phenomenal. We’re going to see hockey in just over a week, you can almost guarantee it at this point.


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