NHL Reverse Retro Sweaters coming soon

The NHL is getting new sweaters. Every team in the league will be wearing something called a “Reverse Retro” jersey. A throw back jersey of sorts. It’ll pay homage to the teams jerseys from the 80’s and 90’s but with a modern flair. Hence “Reverse Retro.”

The “Reverse Retro” sweaters won’t be worn a ton. Just for special occasions. Not every jersey has been leaked, but some have been. But this little teaser does bring up some cool options for every team, including the Avalanche.

#ReverseRetro Coming Soon. pic.twitter.com/DknyOald0h — adidas Hockey (@adidashockey) November 10, 2020

It scrolls by so quickly its a “blink and you’ll miss it” teaser. But when you see it, it is hard to miss. The sixth sweater the video flashes to see. That white with the powder blue and burgundy. Those are Avalanche/Nordique colors right there!

No denying it. That is the Nordique’s powder blue in the n