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NHL Seattle is getting a team name today

The NHL is getting a 32nd franchise in the city of Seattle. NHL Seattle, which is what the team is known as now, was slated to reveal the name, logo and what not a couple weeks ago but delayed the release to focus on supporting the community around them when it needed it most. Pretty good start PR wise. Plus they’re going to release the name and logo before Dan Snyder and Washington can get their name announced. Seattle doesn’t even play until the 2021 season and they’ll have a name before Washington and they need it this year. Although doing dumb things is the norm for Washington so that’s not unexpected. Seattle released a little teaser video saying the name would be released later today.

07.23.2020 – 9:00am PT The 32nd franchise comes to life. — NHL Seattle (@NHLSeattle_) July 23, 2020

It looks like the Rain City Bitch Pigeons isn’t the name. That had to be the funniest fake name for a franchise I’ve heard in a long time. There hasn’t been anything close comedy wise from Washington. Although the Washington Foreskins was funny. Based on the video I’m guessing the Seattle Fog Horns. Yet the most important part of the video is that dog. What a good boy.


If you look at the dudes hat real close the logo kind of looks like a Squid or a Kraken. So it could be the Seattle Kraken. There would be lots of rum and pirates at those games.

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