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NHL suspends Matt Niskanen for game 6 of Flyers vs Canadiens

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Matt Niskanen has been suspended by the NHL for one game following a cross check to the jaw against Canadiens Brendan Ghallagher. Ghallagher suffered a broken jaw on the play and will not return for the series.

Ouch ? — Canadiens Montréal (@CanadiensMTL) August 20, 2020

Ouch is right. Ghallagher is an absolute warrior. He skated off the ice after this play and still had the energy to trash talk the Flyers and bit, spit out some blood, and give the camera a smile.

With what we know now as having a broken jaw, Brendan Gallagher still manages to smile. #Warrior #GoHabsGo — Here's Your Replay ⬇️ (@TheReplayGuy) August 20, 2020

A serious hockey guy right there. Being able to smile through a broken jaw is absolutely crazy. I got punched in the face once and I didn’t want to smile for a couple hours. Still chirped the guy but it hurt like hell to smile and I didn’t have a broken jaw.

The Flyers will be without Matt Niskanen for game six and the Canadiens won’t have Brendan Ghallagher for an extended period. Flyers lead the series 3-2.

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