NHL Training Camp part 2; Electric Boogaloo

Hockey is back. No for real. It’s back. Go ahead pinch yourself, it is not a dream, this is actually happening. Over the weekend the NHL and NHLPA came to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The old CBA was set to expire in 2022, however, with the suspension of play due to the COVID-19 pandemic a new CBA needed to be put in place to ensure a return to play happened, and safely. Well the new CBA is in place, there will be labor peace in the NHL until 2026, the door has been opened for Olympic participation for NHL players, and the Return to Play plan is a go. Phil Buckets and I discussed the CBA itself, Olympic participation and the Opt-Out clause for the return to play more on episode 23 of Frosty Talks. Check it out.

With the CBA being agreed upon it opened up training camp for the 24 NHL teams participating in the summer playoffs. The first day of training camp? Today, July 13th 2020. What a phenomenal Monday for you if you’re a hockey fan.

NHL Training Camp Part 2: Electric Boogaloo #GoAvsGo pic.twitter.com/ZVBzH3uEOD — DR (@DylanRyanFT) July 13, 2020

Just listen to the beautiful sounds of hockey being played. Music to my ears. The countdown till puck drop has officially begun. Nineteen (19) more days until puck drop on August 1st. Just 456 hours of life without hockey left. If you want to get technical it is less because the games start at noon eastern. So yeah let’s get technical, less than 456 hours of life without hockey, plus you have to think you’re asleep for 8 hours a day minimum so shave off 152 hours when you’re asleep. That puts us at 304 hours until hockey, go ahead and make that a round 300 hours. Then you can remind yourself that exhibition games will be played a couple of days before the actual puck drop and you can say hockey will be played between two opposing teams in about 250 hours. Until puck drop actually happens hockey fans and myself will just have to be satisfied with training camp videos. Considering I haven’t watched live hockey since March, I’ll take whatever I can get. But once that puck drops, it will be glorious.

This is what the first ten days of games will look like. 52 games in 10 days. Thats 52 pucklines that I will be hammering. Yes I do realize that every game on this schedule won’t be played, some series will only need three games, some will need four yada yada yada. To that I say don’t be a negative Nancy and join me in magical fairy tale land where every series is five games, and I win money off every single puckline. It’s much more fun on this side, we win money here.

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