Officially Official: Washington Retires name and logo.

Dan Snyder has made it painfully obvious throughout his ownership of the Washington franchise that he was never going to change the name. He did not give one single fuck about the name of the franchise. Not surprising that Snyder doesn’t care the Washington To Be Determines, no longer the R-Words, they have been a dumpster fire for years. If you are still curious about why the name is finally being changed look no further than the press statement released on July 13th.

Read the statement about how they are retiring the name and logo thoroughly. Notice that Snyder had to put the name and logo prominently on a press release one last time. “We’re going to retire the name because a review board told us it was offensive, by the way, look at this logo and name again.” – Dan Snyder, maybe.

“We want to keep our sponsors, fans and community apprised of our thinking going forward.” “Inspire our sponsors, fans and community for the next 100 years.”

The fans and community came second to sponsors in the Washington statement twice. Dan Snyder isn’t changing the name to make fans of the team he owns happy, he doesn’t want to change it because the community has demanded it, no the name is being changed because the sponsors want it to be changed. Dan Snyder knows one thing and it’s money, he can’t run a successful team in terms of wins on the field, but he can earn a lot of money from an NFL franchise. With sponsors like Nike distancing themselves from the franchise it was only a matter of time before Snyder was forced into a name change for money’s sake.

Oh and all the names that Washington has wanted to change to like the Red Wolves, Red Tails, Monuments, and pretty much everything Washington D.C. related has been trademarked. Dan Snyder knows how to make money but he’s still a moron. Every name that has gained traction and popularity across social media, like the Red Wolves, has been trademarked by a different company. Snyder and the team have to change the name and all the best names he’s going to have to buy from someone else.

Dan Snyder and the Washington To-Be-Determines have botched the rename at every step. Announcing a panel to review a name change, dumb. Just announce a name change. Announcing the review board did exactly what was expected and concluded the team name should be changed and now the team is retiring the name and logo, dumb. The first two steps could have been one smooth press release. “After putting together a review board Washington has come to the conclusion that the name and logo should be retired. Due to these findings we have decided effective immediately the name and logo will be retired and a new name and logo will be in place for the 2020 season. While we as an organization have not decided on a new name we will keep our fans, community, and sponsors informed on the direction this franchise will be taking going forward. We look forward to unveiling the new name and logo to our fans, community, and sponsors when we have the name decided.”

You see? Much better statement. Don’t put the old team name and logo that you’re changing on the top of the press release either. Makes it look like you really don’t want to change the name at all. Which I still suspect Snyder wouldn’t have changed the name had his giant sponsors not threatened to pull the plug.

Since 40% of the team is up for sale and Snyder is going to have to buy the other team names I will let Washington use my idea of the Apache Attack Helicopter mascot for 10% ownership in the team and Snyder no longer has any control on football operations. We can make Washington a decent at best franchise again, no more dumpster fires.

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