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Oskar Lindblom joins Flyers for team photos

Oskar Lindblom has not been able to play hockey since the Flyers announced on Dec. 13 that he was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. While he hasn’t been able to don a Flyers sweater on the ice he was able to make it to team photos and put on a huge smile despite his diagnosis.

Oskar Lindblom (second row, second from right) and teammates at Flyers team photos

Despite losing the beautiful blonde hair and not being able to play for the remainder of the year Lindblom is still able to put on a smile. He has not spoken publicly since his diagnoses, but he has been able to report to the Flyers facility periodically during his treatments.

Everyone inside and outside of hockey is rooting for Lindblom to beat the shit out of this cancer. #OskarStrong #FuckCancer

#Flyers #NHL #OskarStrong

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