Oskar Lindbolm Completes Cancer Treatments

Fight. Inspire. Overcome. Celebrate. Ring that bell, @oskarlindblom!@PennMedicine #OskarStrong pic.twitter.com/RM1PCxHnfY — x-Philadelphia Flyers (@NHLFlyers) July 2, 2020

You ring that bell Oskar! Beat cancers ass and got to skate around a bit while he was at it. What an inspiration and just awesome human being. You can see the smile under the mask and just how selfless of a guy he is. Gave the nurses and staff a gift as he left their facility cancer free. You can’t see a single smile because of all the masks but you can tell just how happy it made the staff to see Oskar walk out healthy. I for one am looking forward to him hitting the ice next season.


#NHL #OskarStrong

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