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Oskar Lindbolm has joined the Flyers in the NHL bubble

The Flyers are a made for tv Disney movie at this point. Can they win the Stanley Cup after one of their teammates was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, beat said cancer, had the season postponed due to a global pandemic long enough for the player to beat cancer and rejoin the team for a playoff run. Actually that almost sounds too ridiculous for a Disney movie. Instead it’s real life in 2020.

Oskar Lindbolm completed his cancer treatment in July. After spending some time with family and getting some of his energy back Lindbolm has decided he wants to continue his NHL career. Plus he really wants to be around the boys.

“Being around the boys is the best thing for me right now.” – @oskarlindblom on joining his teammates in Toronto. — Philadelphia Flyers (@NHLFlyers) August 16, 2020

Can you blame him at all. He had to leave the team due to cancer treatments and couldn’t be around his teammates and friends nearly as much as he is used to. Then a pandemic hit that put him in even greater risk and he wasn’t able to see his friends and teammates at all. He’s finally been given the opportunity to be a part of his team. Of course he is going to take that opportunity. The Flyers are riding high in the playoffs with all the confidence being the number one seed in the Eastern Conference entails. Now they become even more dangerous as they have the confidence and desire to win that only Lindbolm can bring. The Flyers want to win the Stanley Cup for the team, now they want to win it for Lindbolm as well.

It is genuinely inspiring to see Lindbolm back on the ice. To see someone overcome that amount of adversity and just have the chance to play at all is amazing to see. Lindbolm has no idea when he’ll actually see the ice. Could be a week, weeks, months, he will find out when he really starts skating with the team. To him the most important thing has been the support of his teammates. Now he is in the bubble and he’s happier than ever.

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