Patrick Mahomes signs 10 year extension worth almost half a billion dollars.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a contract extension that will have him playing for the Chiefs until 2031. The actual contract details haven’t been made public. However some of the numbers have been crunched out thanks to Adam Schefter.

Patrick Mahomes had two years and $27.6 million left on his existing deal — $2.8M this year, $24.8M in 2021. His 10-year extension is worth over $400M, though it's still uncertain how much over. So the lowest his 12 year-deal could be worth is $427.6 million. But will be more. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 6, 2020

Minimum he’s being signed for is 427 million dollars. So technically not half a billion. But who cares. The dude is loaded. I said a couple weeks ago on Frosty Talks that his contract would probably be worth $350 million. I was almost $100,000,000 dollars off. Still kind of close when you think about it? Or when you don’t think about it it’s close? Not sure. All I know is Mahomes got PAID. The Chiefs locked up the face of the franchise and maybe even the face of the NFL for the next 11 years. Mahomes won’t sign another contract until he is 37. Guy will probably only sign three NFL contracts in his life. His rookie deal, this extension, and the next deal that cements him in Kansas City until he dies.

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