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Patrik Liane and Piere Luc Dubois are on the move

It was no secret that Piere Luc Dubois wanted out of Columbus and away from John Tortorella. After a lackluster start to the season, and a shift so lazy that Torts benched him, Dubois got his wish. He’s been traded to Winnipeg. And Patrik Liane got his wish being traded out of Winnipeg. Although I’m not sure how Liane and Roslovic are going to get to Columbus without an airport in Winnipeg.

IT'S OFFICIAL! All-Star Patrik Laine and Columbus' own Jack Roslovic are coming to town! See how the full trade shakes up ⬇️ — Columbus Blue Jackets (@BlueJacketsNHL) January 23, 2021

Somehow those two will get to Columbus. Airport or not. Although everyone will have to quarantine for two weeks before they can join their respective teams. So maybe everyone just takes a two week road trip to get to their new teams.

The Jets are getting Piere Luc Dubois and a third round pick. While the Blue Jackets get Patrick Liane and Jack Roslovic. Dubois is for sure happy to be rid of Torts. Roslovic is probably stoked about this since he’s from Columbus, but Liane has got to be bummed he got traded from Winnipeg to Columbus.

Because Liane wanted out of Winnipeg so he could go to a big market team. Instead he’s traded from the Columbus Ohio of Canada to the actual Columbus Ohio. Patrik Liane went from one small market team to another small market team. Liane is getting put in to a really great situation with Torts and the Blue Jackets. But you got to think he’s still bummed he wasn’t traded to a team with a big market.

And Liane might be the only one involved in this trade that didn’t get what they wanted. Because pretty much everyone else did. Piere Luc Dubois doesn’t have to deal with John Tortorella anymore, Jack Roslovic gets to play for his hometown team, and both the Blue Jackets and Jets got better overall.

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