Patriots fined for cheating. Again

Yesterday, June 28th, the Patriots were the most talked about team in sports. New England became the first team to lose an MVP quarterback to free agency and sign an MVP quarterback in free agency in the same offseason. Cam Newton, 2015 NFL MVL, is now officially a New England Patriot.

In what can only be described as the moves a marketing genius would make, the Patriots sign one of the most talked about free agents the same day they are fined for illegal filming. No one was going to be talking about how the Patriots were caught illegally filming a team they were going to play a week later when Cam just became a Patriot. Every football fan that doesn’t root for New England just saw their hopes and dreams of a bad Patriots team post Tom Brady shrivel up and die. Patriots fans were gloating about how the Super Bowl run is back on. No one payed attention to the cheating after that.

Well guess what, illegal filming is still illegal filming, and I will not miss my opportunity to poke fun at the most consistent team in sports over the last 20 years. In case you forgot, in week 14 of the 2019 season the Patriots were caught illegally filming a Bengals Browns game. I have no idea why the Patriots wanted to film the Bengals. Sure the Patriots played the Bengals a week later and won, but most fans can agree that the Patriots would have beaten the Bengals regardless of illegal filming.

Doesn’t matter that the Bengals had won a single game up to that point in the season. Cheating is cheating and the Patriots should be punished for that. Which they were. The Patriots will be fined $1.1 million for the infraction and lose a 2021 third round pick. The thing is, if Cam Newton doesn’t play well for the Patriots this year and is on a different team the Patriots could earn a 2021 compensation pick, that would be in the third round. Even when the Patriots are losing they find a way to win on the back end. Damn you Bill Belichick. Damn you.

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