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Phillip Lindsay and the Broncos agree to part ways

Updated: May 27, 2021

This is going to be a hard one to stomach for Broncos fans. The Hometown Hero, Phillip Lindsay, will no longer be a Denver Bronco. Which absolutely sucks. The guy was born and raised in Colorado. He played high school football in Denver. He played for the University of Colorado. Then he got his shot to play for the team he grew up watching, the Denver Broncos. Lindsay was the living embodiment of every kids dream who grew up playing football in Colorado. It was impossible not to root for him as a Denver Broncos fan.

And now it’s all over. The Broncos and Phillip Lindsay have mutually agreed to part ways.

The Colorado Kid made history in the orange & blue.#ThankYou30 x @I_CU_boy — Denver Broncos (@Broncos) March 18, 2021

If the Broncos really wanted to thank Phillip Lindsay for all he has done for them and the city of Denver than they would have just resigned him. They would have awarded a player who outperformed expectations with a fat new contract. But they didn’t. Instead they went and paid Melvin Gordon $8 million a year to get a DUI and fumble the ball in big situations. And the Broncos definitely should have paid Lindsay before handing Mike Boone, a running back who has less than 100 NFL carries, a contract. But of course Boone got a contract before Lindsay, because George Paton was his general manager back in Minnesota for three years.

Even though it’s clearly Lindsay who deserved the contract more. Just look at the stats in the graphic. First undrafted offensive rookie to make the Pro-Bowl. Back to back thousand yard seasons. 18 touchdowns in two and a half seasons. Lindsay was hurt for most of last season. But the guy is literally the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. Small, feisty, and damn near impossible to contain. Lindsay earned a new contract with his performance. The Broncos should have resigned him.

Seriously, how do the Broncos not resign Phillip Lindsay!? I get that he’s a small running back who is damn near useless in passing situations, (I guess that could be the reason) but he is absolutely electric on the football field. He brought energy and excitement to an offense that has sorely needed it ever since Peyton Manning retired. Plus he’s a fan favorite that guarantees tickets get sold. Lindsay is so popular with Broncos fans that he was allowed to wear Terrel Davis’ retired number 30 without question. It’s a good thing the new GM, George Paton, resigned Von Miller. Because if Von and Lindsay walked away in the same offseason Broncos fans would have been calling for Paton’s head just a couple months into his new job.

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