Ravens cut safety Earl Thomas

I’m honestly pretty surprised. Earl Thomas is one hell of a safety on the field. At some point though off field antics, and this time a bit of on field, becomes a bigger distraction than the on field production is worth. The off field antics were so detrimental to the team that the Ravens were willing to eat $10 million in dead cap money by cutting Earl Thomas. There is always a breaking point, getting held at gun point by your wife after she caught you cheating in a threesome with your brother must have put Earl Thomas on thin ice with the Ravens. Then he went and punched teammate Chuck Clark in practice. That was dropping a ten pound stone onto the ice and dropping himself into the frozen waters of free agency. The waters probably won’t be too cold for Thomas.

The number one landing spot for Earl Thomas has to be Dallas. Dallas was pushing hard for safety Jamal Adams and couldn’t get a trade done with the Jets. Now they don’t have to shell out any draft picks or players to sign a top level talent like Earl Thomas. Off field issues be damned in Jerry World. The Cowboys signed Aldon Smith already this offseason. The defensive end hadn’t played for four years after being suspended year after year for violating drug NFL drug testing protocols. Jerry World brought him in any way. Earl Thomas just hasn’t been the same since he was turned into Derrick Henry’s own personal lead blocker. His off-field antics have shown that. The threesome, and the fighting with teammates on the field is unlike Thomas’ tenure in Seattle. He didn’t exactly leave Seattle on great terms after flipping his coaches and teammates off while on a stretcher.

The man is a talented safety though. If the Cowboys don’t bring him in someone will. Could be the Jets bringing him in to replace Jamal Adams.

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