Reverse Retro jerseys for Penguins and Flyers leaked. Will every NHL team get a throwback jersey thi

When Nathan Mackinnon leaked a picture of his new colored gloves it sparked a whole conspiracy. Are the Avalanche getting a Nordiques themed jersey? Are they going to use those awful stadium series jerseys again? The gloves did look awfully similar to the ones used in the outdoor game. While the gloves may have looked similar, the color was clearly a different shade of blue. So that idea can be thrown in the garbage much like the stadium series jerseys. From the sound of it the Avalanche are going to be getting the Nordiques jersey fans have been hoping for. What’s even better? More teams than just the Avalanche are going to be getting nostalgia jerseys.

BREAKING: The @Penguins and @NHLFlyers upcoming Reverse Retro jerseys have been leaked by an eBay seller. Lots of photos and details on the blog right now! #Pens #Flyers BLOG: — icethetics (@icethetics) October 19, 2020

The two leaked jerseys from the Flyers and Penguins pay homage to the team’s 80’s and 90’s jersey style. They’re not quite the same, hence the Reverse Retro. But damn are they pretty. The thing is the NHL releases a ton of pretty jerseys that are never worn in games. No matter how good the jersey looks it’s just not the same as the ones that are worn in game. Fans want to wear the same jersey their favorite player does. Simple as that. But from the sound of it these ones are going to be worn in game.

I only report on actual game jerseys, not fan fashion jersey lines. And yes, I am told all teams will be wearing them. — icethetics (@icethetics) October 19, 2020