RIP Pepsi Center: the Avalanche and Nuggets stadium gets a new name

RIP Pepsi Center. October 1st 1999- October 22nd 2020. You will be missed. Not even the Pepsi Center could survive 2020. The only name the stadium has ever known is no more. Now “The Can” will be known as Ball Arena.

BIG NEWS: We're on a mission to foster sustainability with our new partners at Ball.#TeamBall #GoAvsGo — Colorado Avalanche (@Avalanche) October 22, 2020

It just won’t feel the same calling the Pepsi Center by its new name. The cool thing about this though. The initiative to make aluminum can recycling more accessible. You know helping out the environment and all that. It’s cool, don’t let anyone tell you different. It was mentioned in the video. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and the most sustainable beverage packing material in the world. Ball Corporation, the company that bought the naming rights, wants fans to be able to easily recycle their aluminum cans. So it won’t be “The Can” because Pepsi sells drinks in aluminum cans. It’ll be “The Can” because the stadium will be really good about recycling aluminum cans.

It is a bummer that the only name the facility has ever known is no more. But it’ll always be “The Can” in the fans eyes. It’s like how Empower Field isn’t the name anyone uses for the Broncos Stadium. It’s always been and always will be “Mile High Stadium.” Well Ball Arena will most likely always be known as “The Can” in the eyes of Avalanche, Nuggets, and Mammoth fans.

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