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Rodgers Place flooding won’t affect NHL’s return

Rodgers’s Place in Edmonton is the host city for the Western Conference for the NHL’s return to play as well as the host for the Stanley Cup Finals. With less than two weeks before the players head to their respective hub cities the arena in Edmonton has flooded. The flooding happened after a large storm rolled through Edmonton on Thursday.

Wow. @RogersPlace — same ol ??, 90% more Dan (@theDanalytic) July 16, 2020

That’s the front of Rogers arena and the Oilers say it won’t effect the return to play. I believe the Oilers. This won’t affect the return to play. Don’t worry hockey is happening. The facility will be able to fix this issue. If not, who cares. Fans aren’t walking through the front to get to the stands, players are using the player entrance to get to games, and staff are using the staff entrance. Just make sure the rink or any of the personnel entrances don’t flood and they’ll be fine. I mean fix it completely if you can, but if not just slap enough duct tape over the hole so that it doesn’t effect play and lets drop the puck.

#NHL #ReturntoPlay

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